Signature brand memorability
through scent association

Remarkable influences originating from Middle Eastern perfumery

Elevated through the lens of international application

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About Us

Scent Creatives is a boutique fragrance consulting agency and innovation lab
based in the burgeoning center of global perfumery: Dubai.

We help brands find their distinct, olfactive voice within a crowded market.

By utilizing deep sector expertise and proprietary brand and fragrance evaluation tools, we create signature brand memorability and unique product adoption strategies.

Our mission is to leverage the heritage and craftsmanship of perfumery, while amplifying trendsetting inspiration from the MENA region.

Latest from our Blog

From candle to technology: comfy perfumes in swinging homes
  • Nov 17, 2020
  • Nathalie Pichard

From candle to technology: comfy perfumes in swinging homes

With the stress and anxiety they create, the pandemic and lockdown have suddenly changed consumers’ life and work habits. For many people, their homes have become a refuge to recharge their batteries or a new space to telework. What is more vital than perfuming your home with pleasant smells providing good vibes?

Creating the Perfect Scent
  • Nov 11, 2020
  • Curated by Rawya via TishTash for Curated ME

Expressions by Thought-Provoking Fashion Fiends - Creating the Perfect Scent

Rawya Catto, Founder & Creative Director of boutique fragrance consulting agency and innovation lab based in Dubai, Scent Creatives, explains the polarities between western and Arabian perfumery, strategies behind product portfolio expansion, marketing tips during COVID-19, Gen Z shopping behavior and more.

Fall fragrances
  • Nov 09, 2020
  • by Rawya Catto & Ashley Wallis

2020 Fall Fragrance Wardrobe, a taste of Optimism

As we enter the last quarter of what has been an unusual year, to say the least, we crave a change in the scents we surround ourselves with.

Service Offering

We cover all fragrance related needs throughout the product lifecycle.



  • Market Research

  • Brand Development

Product Development


  • Project Management

  • Product Development

Go to Market


  • Marketing

  • Retail & Distribution



  • Assessment

  • Transformative Support

Who We Serve

Luxury, Prestige & Speciality

Luxury, Prestige & Speciality

Focus: Fine Fragrance

  • Perfumery lives at the intersection of art and science. This industry was built on delivering moments of pleasure with superior craftsmanship.
  • Fragrance-first companies must continue personalizing the dream, while bringing memories to life.
Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

Focus: Functional Perfumery

  • Fragrance is the unconscious landscape of our daily lives. It serves a dual purpose of reassuring a product's function, while also acting as the primary trigger for repurchase.
  • The consumer’s expectations of an enjoyable experience with exceptional performance must be at the heart of the product.
Lifestyle Brands

Lifestyle Brands

Focus: Scented Environments

  • The customer experience can be highly influenced by scent. From a hotel lobby, retail floor or the comforting aroma of one's own home, fragrance can be designed to enhance any desired ambiance.
  • There is strong impetus to coupling a brand's value to its space and olfactive signature.

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