About Us

Scent Creatives is a boutique fragrance consulting agency and innovation lab
based in the burgeoning center of global perfumery: Dubai.

We help brands find their distinct, olfactive voice within a crowded market.

By utilizing deep sector expertise and proprietary brand and fragrance evaluation tools, we create signature brand memorability and unique product adoption strategies.

Our mission is to leverage the heritage and craftsmanship of perfumery, while amplifying trendsetting inspiration from the MENA region.

Rawya Catto

"Scent is the unconscious landscape of our daily lives. It connects you to an instant, and immediately grounds you to a moment in the present."

While studying in France, Rawya felt the tug of home, where all her childhood memories originated. She came across a boutique in Saint Germain specializing in memory scents, and despite her student budget, splurged on a candle named “Back to Dubai”. The Oud, rose and saffron notes immediately took her back to the smell of Friday evening strolls around malls there with her mother. Such is the power of scent, to summon memories, and capture landscapes. Rawya is a lover of life, recognizing that every moment is painted with unique scents that are ever present, yet discreet: clean sheets, the smell of hot chocolate from a grandfather’s kitchen, the addictive powdery scent of babies, the enticing aromas of street food in Bangkok ...

After an initial marketing experience at Parfums Christian Dior, Rawya spent most of her career at global fragrance house Givaudan as an evaluator, or “nose of the market”. This allowed her the opportunity to design fragrances alongside some of the best perfumers in the world on the most challenging and complex projects, with international conglomerates Unilever, P&G, Coty, and SC Johnson, retail and designer products for The Body Shop, Hugo Boss, and numerous regional brands. From regulatory to sales, strategy and storytelling, she built expertise on numerous aspects of fragrance innovation. Traveling across the Middle East and Africa regions, she learned to value the spread of nuanced emotions that scent provokes, and to understand the unspoken stories of people through the scent of their culture.

Creativity will thrive when provoked with the right tools. Entering this new decade, Rawya believes it the right time to challenge the craft of fragrance creation as we know it. Through Scent Creatives, she ignites gentle disruption to shape and transform the scented fundamentals that surround us. She continues to curate a team of the most talented individuals, hand-picked for their unique strengths and abilities to shape the future of the industry. And can’t wait to create your fragranced stories together.

Ryan Day Castle

"The freedom to express your individuality is the apex of confidence. What you do with it, is your brand."

Austinite native turned Brooklyn adoptee, Ryan actually started her career with a strong foundation in corporate finance and worked her way to New York to break into the world of luxury goods. Intern experiences with global giants Giorgio Armani and Oscar de la Renta, consulting projects for the CFDA, and retail sales at Levi's Berlin led to an amazing opportunity to manage marketing trade spend and omni-channel campaign curation for Bloomingdale's designers. But not before an unexpected love of fragrance took hold.

She joined the same leading fragrance house directly following her MBA, discovering the complementary relationship amid fashion and fragrance; the consumer connection between an admiration of sartorial design and the ability to smell like an empire. A lifelong friendship blossomed with Rawya during an extended international relocation to Dubai. The crash course in fragrance evaluation for the MENA region proved fruitful, and inspired olfactive trends, applications, and brand identities that she could later translate for the US market as an account manager upon her return. She went on to help launch fine fragrances for prestige and specialty channels including Frassai, Boyfriend by Kate Walsh, Vince Camuto, Kenneth Cole, Betsey Johnson, Mary Kay, Flower by Drew Barrymore, and H&M.

The trickle-down pace of niche trends to mass market implementation is hastening, but Ryan quickly found that inspiration can stem from the most unlikely of places. Ryan hopes to challenge the order of creative influence, providing a platform for underestimated corners of the industry to gain international exposure. In the few years following her pivotal role with Rawya, she realized that while NYC radiates from her pores, Dubai will forever be in her heart. It just so happened that Rawya felt the same, and asked her to help build the venture that is now Scent Creatives.

We invite you to join us. Where creativity meets method.

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