2020 Fall Fragrance Wardrobe, a taste of Optimism

As we enter the last quarter of what has been an unusual year, to say the least, we crave a change in the scents we surround ourselves with.

2020 Fall Fragrance Wardrobe, a taste of Optimism in Dubai

It’s been a tumultuous year and with many of us still working from home, you may wonder how fragrance fits into our increasingly narrow worlds. With travel now something of a distant memory, the school year a bizarre hybrid with strange new rules and the social fabric of society ever-changing, we have been forced into a whole new state of being – with our usual references abandoned. Hence the reason we wear, and purchase fragrance has evolved.

Why do we still buy perfume?

Traditionally in the Middle East the primary driver for purchase of fragrance has been intimately linked to hygiene and cleanliness, as well as identity and signature.

Fragrance can also act as a shield or an armor of confidence, inherently personal, it becomes part of a person’s identity and the finishing touch to their look.

With far less olfactory stimulation from the outside world due to the current restrictions, fragrance has taken on a whole new meaning in 2020. We are craving a sense of normalcy and fragrance plays an important role here. In fact, we are seeing fragrance sales showing encouraging signs of recovery. Nostalgia is a key element in scent and serves to ground us in a time when life was perhaps a little simpler. We apply perfume as part of an almost mediative self-care ritual, which reassures and soothes.

Seasonal moods…

As the weather is changing and summer has given way to cooler breezes and pleasant temperatures in Dubai, we naturally start to crave a switch up in fragrance, as part of the reassuring nature of seasonality. In normal times, we look towards evocative, darker scents, sweeter fragrances – with traditionally spicy, woody, and heavy amber notes.

As we enter the final phase of 2020, there is a definite expression in lightness, nostalgia and innocence in this year’s fall perfumes - with fragrance launches celebrating warmth and a feeling of coziness in a rather unique way. This is a marked contrast from previous years, when we automatically graduated to heady, strong perfumes. This year our tastes have changed and therefore our fall fragrance wardrobe is geared towards introverted optimism, rather than extroverted, strong perfumes.

A Dose of Optimism!

There is a fresh, natural quality to many of this year’s fall fragrance launches, coupled with a candor and an innocence running through the fragrances - perhaps a reminder that we don’t have all the answers.

Tuberose, orange blossom, milk, almond, cashmere and amber are just some of the predominant notes we have seen this season. A good example of this is the new Jill Stuart fragrance, a floral bouquet, supported by with warm skin ambers and sensual woody notes. Issey Miyake presents Nectar d’Issey, premiere fleur which is a gentle embrace of petals layered on musk. Valentino’s Voce Viva and Marc Jacob’s Perfect are also two examples of unusual fall scents. Both have a distinctly feminine, even summery quality to them, with a more subtle approach to warmth.

Nectar d’Issey, Premiere Fleur Issey Miyake
Nectar d’Issey, Premiere Fleur
Issey Miyake
Brilliant Jewel Jill Stuart
Brilliant Jewel
Jill Stuart
Voce Viva Valentino
Voce Viva
Perfect Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs

This year, fall fragrances albeit unusual, present a dose of optimism that consumers are increasingly craving as we get ready to welcome in a new year, with no doubt its own set of challenges and surprises. For now, fragrance serves us in myriad ways – uplifting and stimulating in equal measure.

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