Hair to Stay

Hair perfumes are shining bright and are here to stay.

Hair to Stay

Every now and then, a new trend hits the scene and catches on like wildfire. Remember the Oud trend from a few years ago, that crossed over to the mainstream, from its traditional origins in the Middle East? Every major perfumery brand was quick to jump on the bandwagon and launch their own versions of this richly-intense, infected wood that spelt opulence and “other- worldly” and we have been reveling in its then-found fame ever since!

The latest phenomenon that’s raking up a storm in the fragrance world is (*drum roll*)...“hair perfume” - Parfum pour cheveux

What is a Hair Perfume?

Contrary to what the name suggests, it is slightly different than our usual Eau De Parfum specifically in the way it has been formulated. So does that mean I can’t simply spray my regular perfume and get the job done? You absolutely must not! Hair perfumes are designed with nourishing ingredients, which are fit to be used on the skin too.

I have found that hair perfumes aren’t just another offering by brands to monetize; it is in fact becoming a necessity. So, in case you’ve been snoozing on hair perfumes, here’s everything you need to know why we absolutely need them in our beauty cupboards -

Light as (h)air

When it’s 38 degrees out (I’m looking at you Dubai!), summer beauty needs to feel light, airy, and fresh — which is probably why scents for hair are trending. This light-weight multi-tasker is great for giving second or third-day hair a fresh makeover, which is perfect if you’re juggling WFH, working-out and cooking at home along with childcare and ‘me time’ is in short supply.

Try Dior Miss Dior Parfum Hair Mist
It smells like: Taking a walk in a fragrant garden first thing in the morning. It's light, bright, dewy and utterly joyful thanks to the dominant notes of bergamot and rose.

“Mane” course

How many times have you gone out to your favorite bar or club or that new tepanyaki-grill place with a fresh hair style only to walk out of there with your perfect curls smelling like the chimney at the back? Personally, when I take the effort shower, shampoo, dry, style or have them styled, I expect them to last at least a few days but the smells trapped beg me to rinse it all out the very next day! This is when Hair Perfumes come to the rescue, and can be effortlessly combined with dry shampoo. Voila╠Ç – now you can get rid of all the evidence from last nights escapades and keep rocking that blowout for longer.

Try Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Fresh Hair Mist
It smells like: Fresh orange and rose with earthy patchouli undertones, perfect to cut out any smoky-greasy odor.

“Tressful” situation

Imagine if you're often heavy-handed with fragrances like me, and love to go a little too crazy with the spritz-session, and before you know it, you are almost at the bottom of that expensive new perfume you only recently bought! Hair perfumes are the most clever and cost-effective way to wear your favorite scent, without burning a deep hole in your pocket.

You can try Tom Ford Black Orchid Hair Mist.
It smells like: Tom Ford's signature scent, Black Orchid, iconic and unmistakable mix of gourmand, spice and earthiness. The hair mist is just a dreamy as the original fragrance and a whole lot cheaper. Added bonus it stays for 9 hours, now that’s a win-win situation!

“Locking”-it in

Hair perfumes in contrast to body perfumes are more lightweight formulas, that can help lock in moisture, while creating a fragrant veil. Hair has a far bigger surface area with regards to fragrance application than the body” says Sacha Mitic, co-founder of the Stockholm haircare brand Sachajuan. More of the product is better distributed on the hair than a body perfume on the skin. They are also more conditioning, thanks to the moisturizing ingredients found in them. For instance all 13 of Byredo’s hair perfumes, use a silicone and polymer formula to leave hair shiny and hydrated. ‘People are more experimental today. Hair perfume creates an invisible veil to scent the hair,’ says Ben Gorham, the founder of Byredo.

Try Diptyque Do Son Hair Mist
It smells like: Beach breeze and a blooming bouquet of flowers. It is enriched with nourishing camellia oil, which also fortifies hair!

Thanks to several mainstream and niche fragrance brands we're spoilt for choice when it comes to dreamy hair scents. All the beauty and perfume junkies looking to try something new and effective this season ‘hair’ (here) is one big reason to smile!

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